Don’t make them say, “Get on with it!”

Recently I have watched a number of American How To videos on YouTube, and noticed a common trend that occurs also in American sales letters and motivational speeches. It’s a reluctance to get to the point. One video was about improving your singing voice. That was the promise in the title. It opened with a   →

In these troubled times

When times are tough, as they clearly are at the moment, it is interesting to see how businesses behave. On my bookshelf I have a couple of books that were written some time ago, but whose titles would fit very well with the prevailing mood. One is called The Best Damn Sales Book Ever and   →

Managing rejection in sales

A lot of people consider selling to be a confrontational conversion, lightly smeared with honey to make it seem agreeable. There are two reasons for that: first, the sales person wants to win, and second, the prospect wants to retain both his money and his pride. Now, of course this does not happen in every   →