Crisis management

This is about a very specific aspect of public relations, encompassing both internal communications and dealing with the media. It helps you understand all the strands of communication that need to be in place and efficiently managed when a crisis strikes

Imagine opening your front door one morning to be faced with a barrage of reporters, photographers and film crews, all shouting their questions about a crisis that you may not even have heard about. Imagine receiving a series of phone calls asking for your comments on a problem arising out of the use of one of your products.

This short course will prime you to prepare in advance for such eventualities, to set up the team who will handle each aspect of a crisis, to identify the spokesperson who will lead the PR initiative, and to set up the communication process that manages the event and its aftermath.

Just consider the cost to your company of not being properly prepared.

The course will be designed to suit your own needs.

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