Speak in a way that others want to listen

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It is often said that 80% of business presentations fail. So if you are planning a presentation, stop! Perhaps it would better not to do it.

Most people go on presenting their business propositions in the same old way – this is what we do, this is how we do it … You know the drill.

First, send for my 1 Minute Checklist* (below) to see the 30 things that will help to make your presentation succeed. It will also tell you if you should go ahead with your planned presentation.

Let me show you a different way, an approach that distinguishes you from the herd and improves your chances of success. Let me take your skills to a much higher level, beyond the scope of ordinary presentation skills courses.

I’ll help you to speak in public without fear and in a way that others will want to listen. I’ll share with you the secrets that helped me to win more public speaking titles than anyone in Europe, through programmes like these:

Executive Speech Making ♦ Advanced Presentation Skills ♦ New Business Pitches ♦ Confidence Building for Leaders ♦ Speech Writing ♦ Cross Cultural Communication ♦ Selling Across Cultures … tailor-made programmes

Meanwhile, here’s a video clip that offers you some Presentation Dos and Don’t’s. You’ve got to be different. You’ve got to make an impact. As I say in this video clip, boring doesn’t sell

If you have ever wished you could be a better speaker or presenter, wished you could WOW an audience and get them excited about your proposition, make more sales, be a more effective leader, inspire your staff, raise your profile within your industry, call me now on +353 89 611 7427 or Skype PhillipKP.

For the 1-Minute Checklist, click here. If you’d prefer a printed version, send your name, job title and snailmail address to phillip@pkpcommunicators.com.