Communicating across cultures

This course provides a “quick fix” for those who need to communicate/do business with those from other cultures. We will show you how to prepare and deliver presentations for international business, how to avoid cultural banana skins, match the expectations of people from other countries, understand the hidden meaning in cross cultural dialogues and learn how to use international English.

This is vital if you do business abroad. Think about how grateful you feel when foreigners are fluent in your own language – how much easier it is to talk things through and do business. It’s even better when they have an understanding of your values and attitudes. It works in reverse too. They will be far more willing to do business with you if you understand their ways and their cultures, even if you do not speak their language.

However, this is not only for those who do business abroad. You have customers and staff with cultural backgrounds that differ from your own. As a supplier you need to be on the same wavelength, and as an employer you need to be culturally inclusive to get your team actively pulling for you.

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