The sales process is traditionally structured in seven essential steps, from preparation to after-sales, assuming that the appointment has been made. The concept is not new, but this course takes account of modern thinking, in which the sale is a collaborative process, where you help your customer to buy.

The focus in selling has shifted from persuasion to facilitation—you help buyers to make decisions that best suit their needs. This course is therefore better suited to business-to-business (B2B) selling than the consumer market, and places the sales person on a higher level, more in line with “trusted advisor” than salesman.

It fits with Relationship Selling, and helps to align the thinking of the related disciplines of Marketing and PR. It includes Persuasive Presentations as well.

In addition it helps you to focus on the one thing that distinguishes you from your competitors—something more significant than USPs—and how you can turn your customers into advocates who will do much of your selling for you.

The course will be designed to suit your own needs.

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