Public speaking

Are good speakers born or made? It’s the age-old question, to which there is a simple answer: anyone born with talent can be good, but anyone without talent can learn to be a good public speaker.

This course on public speaking, created to match your skills and needs, will give you the techniques and understanding to make a speech worth hearing. It will include Phillip Khan-Panni’s famous technique for going from blank page to first draft in 15 minutes.

You will learn about structure, connecting with your audience, and what it takes to overcome your fears and make a better speech than you have ever done before. Even better, you will learn how an audience listens and receives, and how to manage the emotional journey.

You will improve the way you sound when making a speech, and learn how to project both your voice and your message so that it reaches everyone in your audience. This is ideal for opinion formers, toastmasters, politicians, diplomats and professional speakers.

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