If you have a speech or presentation to make, the way you deliver it will make all the difference. Here’s a 10-point checklist for you:

1. Speak with conviction and energy – each speech can expend as much energy as a full day’s work

2. Be focused – facts tell, feelings sell!

3. Make it a performance – use drama, images, visual aids and ENERGY

4. Be distinctive – make it memorable – put your personal mark on it

5. Use vocal variety – entertain and surprise them – keep them interested

6. Have empathy – talk to them, not at them – don’t fear personal contact – smile: give a reason to like you

7. Maintain good eye contact – one friendly face at a time

8. Show what you mean – use gestures and positive body language

9. Stand tall and balanced – stay centred, walk with a purpose

10. Serve the audience’s needs – offer information, entertainment, involvement. Finally, PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!

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