Public Speaking

Make your speech worth hearing

Ever sat through a boring speech? Ever given one?…


The question all speakers (and politicians!) should ask themselves is, “Why should anyone listen to you?” Is your speech for your listeners, or is it for you?

Too many speakers prepare and deliver speeches to impart information or to trumpet their pet theories. But if you want to reach the hearts of your hearers, you need a different focus: you need to bring about CHANGE – in their thinking, attitude or behaviour.

In this hard-hitting but entertaining Masterclass, Phillip Khan-Panni will take you from first principles to the key ingredients of a speech worth hearing. Along the way he’ll show you how to remember what he says, and how to make your own speech memorable.

Find out what made the difference between two famous orators … why you need the 3Ms and 4Ks of speech-making … and what it takes to be a real professional. And how, when you stand and deliver, you can leave them stirred, not shaken.

You will learn about structure, connecting with your audience, and what it takes to overcome your fears and make a better speech than you have ever done before.

Here’s what past delegates have said:

Never speak in public without first speaking to Phillip!

Delta Airlines

Some of the best training that I have received.

Building Research Establishment

One of the most constructive training days I have had.

Direct Marketing Partnership

A very polished and impressive performer!

Future Foundations

Who should attend?

This is for anyone who needs to make a speech or presentation – including professional speakers and politicians. It will benefit business leaders, company directors, senior managers, heads of marketing, sales and PR, advertising executives, and anyone who speaks from the platform at

What are the outcomes from this course?

You will learn:

  • how to overcome your fear
  • how to put together a speech,
  • how to deliver it with flair
  • how to connect with your audience
  • how to make a difference

Course Content:

  • New thinking on public speaking
  • Identifying your own added value
  • Understanding how audiences listen
  • Structuring a speech
  • Oratorical devices that engage the audience
  • Delivering a short speech and receiving feedback
  • Body language and platform mechanics

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