Presenting To Persuade

For experienced presenters

Presenting to persuade

This course is available at two levels: Experienced and Advanced. It is not an entry level programme, being aimed at people who have some experience of presenting formally. Level 1 deals with the fundamentals of verbal communication and presentations, including the highly acclaimed shortcut to preparing a presentation in 15 minutes. It shows how to speak with confidence, speak impromptu, handle Q & A, and manage visual aids.

It can be tailored for those whose first language is not English, but who need to present in that language.

A reduced programme is available as a half-day course.


  • Half Day
  • Full Day

What are the outcomes from this course?

  • Know how to draft a presentation from scratch in 15–20 minutes
  • Speak with confidence and conviction
  • Understand how audiences listen
  • Speak impromptu and handle Q & A
  • Handle visual aids effectively

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who presents on behalf of their organisation, including those in Sales, Marketing, PR, Business Development, as well as CEOs, business owners, trainers, speakers, advertising executives, and politicians.

Course Outline

  • Your Elevator Speech
  • How audiences listen
  • The process of Persuasion
  • How to get and hold attention
  • Matching expectations
  • Structure
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Blank page to first draft in 15 minutes

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