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That’s a question we get asked all the time, and it’s interesting, because that’s the very question we help our clients to answer about themselves, when they ask us to improve their presentation skills.

The Chief Executive of a long-standing player in the London insurance market was anxious about making a business presentation to an audience of his peers in the US. He was as English as they come, and that was his strength. Only, he didn’t know it.

We helped him to devise an understated presentation and deliver it with his dry humour, as a double act with his business partner. The Americans loved it! And them.

A famous sporting celebrity had been delivering the same after dinner speech for years, about the event that made him famous. He was bored with it. We re-shaped the speech, with a different dramatic emphasis (which got him excited too!), and showed him how and why he should charge higher fees. With a bit of coaching, his speaking style became much more impressive too.

So what makes us different? We develop your strengths, refine and polish your material, and add to your existing skills instead of teaching you a new language. It gets results. Interested?

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Please call or email us for details of any course, and for our fees. All our courses can be in-house or open, and online training modules will shortly be available. They will give you access to our training in a low-cost and convenient way.

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