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masterclass in presenting

This is the Advanced Presentation Skills course, for experienced presenters who wish to take their skills to a higher level. Delegates bring a short presentation to deliver to camera, and receive positive feedback that is directly relevant to their needs. They are introduced to oratorical devices and the 18 essentials of public speaking and platform presentations, and shown how to use their voices more effectively.

The course includes a unique analysis of the way a presenter connects with an audience. Finally, delegates are guided in refining the original presentation and delivering it again. Because of the high level of individual attention given, this course is usually limited to only 4–6 delegates. It is available as two half days or one full day.


  • Half Day x 2
  • Full Day

What are the outcomes from this course?

  • Understand the importance of structure
  • Know how to sound more authoritative
  • Realise the role of drama in presentations
  • Understand how to engage the emotions of the audience
  • Refine an existing presentation
  • Remember the 18 essentials of public speaking

Who should attend?

Anyone who presents on behalf of their organisation, including those in Sales, Marketing, PR, Business Development, as well as CEOs, business owners, trainers, speakers, advertising executives, and politicians.

Course Outline:

  • General principles
  • Deliver a short prepared presentation
  • Vocal projection
  • Taking charge of the platform
  • Structure
  • Oratorical devices
  • Refine and re-deliver original presentation

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