Advanced Presentation Skills

For business leaders and experienced presenters

Course Outline

One characteristic that leaders share is good communication skills. That’s what makes their ideas and their thinking acceptable to those around them, and it’s what inspires and enthuses their teams. This course helps you to identify how to make your point succinctly, and how to get action rather than just applause, when you speak. It includes informal communication, such as Board meetings.

It will show you how to go from blank page to first draft in 15 minutes!

In one day, it will take your skills to a higher level, enabling you to expect better results from your business presentations.

Who should attend?

This is suitable for every Manager, Director, business leader, salesperson, advertising executive, team leader and trainer. It will benefit anyone who is, or who wants to be, a leader. It is especially useful to those who operate in a competitive situation, and those who need to inspire and motivate others.

How you will benefit

This is beyond basic presentation skills, taking those techniques to a higher level. It is about getting your point across in meetings, in one-to-one situations, in dealing with crises and tensions, and in persuading others to your point of view. It will help you to speak with increased confidence and enhance your charisma. It will also help you to speak impromptu and without notes.

You will be better able to connect with your listeners.

Training approach

The course will be highly interactive. Numbers should be limited, so that every delegate may receive personal attention. This will not be a lecture. Rather, it will stimulate what’s already in you, and re-position your thinking and attitudes. When you think differently, you will do differently – and the benefits will start to apply immediately.

Typical content

Establishing rapport

Controlling nerves
Connecting with the audience
The first 30 seconds

Platform mechanics

Taking charge of the platform
Gestures and movement
Eye contact
Body language

Speaking with conviction

Identifying your added value
Putting yourself in the message
Hearing how you sound to others

Preparing a presentation

Blank page to first draft
Using speaker’s notes

Presenting (1)

Delivering a short speech or presentation
Feedback on delivery

Presenting (2)

Delivering new presentation
Group Feedback
Developing confidence

Impromptu speaking

Handling Q & A
‘Say a few words’

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