10 Tips on using business cards

  1. Exchanging business cards should ALWAYS be done with respect and decorum, whatever country you are in. It is so easy to make a cultural gaffe.
  2. In Asia, offering and receiving cards is a very formal ceremony.
  3. In Asia, never casually offer your card with just one hand. Hold your card with both hands when you give it, and bow slightly.
  4. Always pass it the right way up so the other person can read it immediately. This shows consideration for the other person.
  5. Show respect when you receive a card by using both hands. Especially in the Far East. Look at it, study it, then put it away carefully. Don?t put it into your back pocket.
  6. Don?t write on other people?s business cards
  7. The Japanese like photographs on cards. These are beginning to become common in the US and UK.
  8. Many US/UK companies are dispensing with job titles, as they are considered unnecessary. Titles are very important in most other cultures, so use them when abroad. They signify seniority and status.
  9. Think about having a translation on the reverse side of your card.
  10. Your card represents you, so don?t use tatty or out-of-date ones. Your card leaves an impression of who you are.

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