10 Mistaken assumptions of international negotiations

  1. International deals will happen automatically if the correct government policies and structures are in place.
  2. The successful strategies we use in meetings and negotiating on the domestic scene can apply to international settings.
  3. Others’ perceptions and stereotyping of us won’t be allowed to affect the negotiations.
  4. Everyone likes to get down to business and focus on the end game: a legally binding contract.
  5. The ‘rules of engagement’ are the same all over the world.
  6. The one who makes most noise will win.
  7. High energy ‘Action Man’ style will get things done best.
  8. It is acceptable to call in ‘favours’ on demand.
  9. ‘Agreement’ or ‘contract’ has the same meaning all over the world.
  10. The same ethical values apply everywhere.

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