public speaking

The 5th level of competence

I was talking to a Sales consultant recently, and he was asking me about my special skills. It’s a conversation I have had before, when   →

The secret to getting attention

There was a small crowd filling the pavement of the Calcutta street, surrounding two men who squatted face to face at the centre. The bearded   →

Connecting with your audience

If you believe that a Presentation’s purpose is to communicate information, you need to change your thinking. If you want to pass on facts, email   →

When others take away your victory

This year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone was fascinating for the dramas it presented alongside the race itself. At least four of the competitors (‘drivers’   →

Make your presentations worth hearing

  When you make a presentation, however short or long it is, and whether it is for a grand occasion or not, always make an   →

25 Ways to Keep Customers for Life

Reward your customers.  Send them a gift or a lead for new business Buy or use their products or services.  Loyalty works both ways. Be   →

The 4 vital elements of the Marketing Mix

Siva is the name of a popular Hindu god who destroys in order to renew and regenerate. It is also the acronym for the four   →

How sound affects us

Listening to Classic FM as I work, I have become conscious of the effect of a change of sound. The music itself creates a mood   →

15 Top Tips for Public Speaking

It seems to me that the main reason why people get anxious about speaking in public is that they are not sure what is expected   →

How to cure Verbalfilla

Many a brilliant declaration, speech or presentation is ruined by the presence of unattractive filler sounds such as uh … um … ah … you   →