The Voice of leadership

The difference between mere management and leadership is communication

–Winston Churchill

No communication, no leadership. You’ll hear how world leaders have shot to the top just through the power of their oratory. You’ll learn how you can shape your own leadership messages, sharpen your skills, press the buttons that let you reach into the hearts of your hearers. All through effective public speaking.

You’ll understand the importance of the voice in leadership communication, and how to improve the way you sound. If you wish to inspire, influence and guide others to higher things, this is the course for you.

Think about the voices of broadcasters, how some attract you while others repel you. Listen to the sound of your own voice on a recording, and ask yourself this question: Is that the voice of a leader?

This course is different from the Public Speaking course, in that it is intended specifically for those in leadership roles—CEOs, business owners and the like. It is guaranteed to make a significant improvement within a short space of time (typically one month), so it is available only for those who fit the criteria.

To find out if this course is suitable for you, contact us for a chat without obligation.